Update: New PMDG 737NGX, 747 QOTSII and 777 Series Updates Now Available

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Update: PMDG have also updated the 747 Queen of the Skies II with further updates ensuring it’s fully compatible with P3D V4.1. Change log below.

With all the excitement of the Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D V4.1 now over and done with, it’s time to turn to developers who are updating their products to ensure that they’re software is fully compliant with the new sim. Yesterday, PMDG released a few small updates via the Operations Center which addresses a couple of bugs and fixes for their 737NGX and 777 series.

The updates themselves don’t add too much to change the product, but demonstrates PMDG’s commitment to pushing smaller updates via their Ops Center.

Right now, we can only verify these updates are for P3Dv4, so if other sim users can let us know, that would be appreciated. You can download them now yourself via the PMDG Ops Center tool.

Details of the updates below.

PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II

PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II - Next Build (Released 13OCT17) [ View Issues ]
- 0006101: [Systems - Electrical] Incorrect relay behavior causing issues with lower deck cargo doors (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
- 0006538: [General - Documentation] P3D Eula mentions FSX (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
- 0005937: [General - Engines] Thrust rises past the FMC limit in HOLD during takeoff/initial climb (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0006482: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Chronometer date is local instead of UTC (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0006480: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Date on Chronometer does not advance when hour goes from 23 to 00 (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0006333: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Panel state loads chrono date/year at saved instead of actual sim date/year (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0006370: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] A route offset can be DELETE'd (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0006319: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] In UNABLE CRZ ALT T/C and T/D should not show (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0006311: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] 10000/250 restriction on climb holds below 10000' not at 10000' (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0006318: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] When A/T armed with no pitch mode active thrust mode should remain null (was automatic SPD) (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0006547: [AFDS - Roll Modes] Auto Bank angle limit with no Performance Data entry (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0006506: [General - 2D Panels] Radio 2D panel memory leak (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0005841: [General - Engines] Target N1 or EPR not being maintained in Thrust Hold mode (emvaos) - resolved.
- VARIOUS: [General] Virtual Cockpit models updated to conform to Prepar3D v4.1 SDK

PMDG 777-200LR/F

BUILD 1.10.8448 (Released 12OCT17) 
- 0006507: [General - 2D Panels] Radio 2D panel memory leak (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0006504: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Manual date not advancing on chronometer (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0006503: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Chronometer date is local instead of UTC (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

PMDG 777-300ER

BUILD 1.10.8448 (Released 12OCT17) 
- VARIOUS: [General] Various minor cleanup details to optimization.


Update v1.20.8465 12OCT17
- VARIOUS: Correct out-of-place speedbrake handle in DOWN position.
- VARIOUS: Correct top-of-nose texture viewed from VC.
- VARIOUS: Virtual Cockpit models are P3D v4.1 compliant.
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Calum Martin

Wow you guys are super fast! I changed it within 30 seconds!

Nice find!

717 QOTSII? Wrong title

Hmm title… “717 QOTSII” XD

The ngx seems 4.1 ready, looking at the virtual cockpit line. ?

They just recompiled it using the P3D v4.1 SDK