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New Leonardo Softhouse FlytheMaddogX Update Incoming Soon

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Despite American Airlines flying their final MD80 flight yesterday, within our simulators, the aircraft lives on. Thanks to Leonardo Softhouse, the aircraft in Prepar3D has seen multiple updates since its original release, which has included a range of new features such as PBR materials, additional options, an icing model and much more. Continuing to push the aircraft’s complexity and functionality, developers Leonardo Softhouse continue to update the aircraft with a large update coming soon for the series of aircraft. All of this information was confirmed to us via the developer and hosted in a private Facebook group.

New features include new cockpit customisations in the Airliner Options, along with a new Canadian Marconi CMS-900 and PMS system has been added. Furthermore, the sounds of the aircraft will improve also with new sounds for the spoiler extension during flight and also the slat aerodynamic sounds. A handful of fixes will also make their way into the update once it has been released.

The update will, as usual, be free of charge for customers once it has been released. This update will only be available for customers using the Prepar3D V4 version. You can check out a range of screenshots relating to the update above.

You can buy the FlytheMaddogX for Prepar3D from simMarket for €70.00. We reviewed the aircraft a while back and loved it even then.

Upcoming Update changelog

– added Canadian Marconi CMS-900 and PMS systems;
– added new cockpit customizations in ‘Airliner Options’ (check ‘Fly the Maddog X User Manual.pdf’ – page 9);
– added mouse acceleration (if enabled in load manager) to VHF freq decimals in 8.33KHz mode;
– added clock settings (except chr buttons) to the CM1/CM2 sync option;
– when MD-83 & MD-88 variants is installed, added the possibility to select -219 engine type for the MD-82 and -217A/-217C for the MD-83/MD-88 (TRC settings and performances will change accordingly);
– removed NO-PBR model option;
– added sound for auto/manual press lever and manual press wheel movement;
– added sound for spoiler extended in flight;
– added slat aerodynamic sound;
– all cockpit sounds now located in the aircraft sound folder;
– Operation Manuals revision ‘Vol II chapter 6 – conditional procedures’, to include CMS900+PMS reference;
– ‘Quick Guide and ‘User Manual’ revision to include all the new customization options.
– minor bug fixes;
– revised flight dynamics;
– improved LOC CAP logic;
– fixed and improved GSX/GSX Level 2 integration;
– improved engine spoolup timing and sound sync;
– fine tuning of VC objects dimensions and position.
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