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Whilst shared cockpit isn’t a feature coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator upon release, a new developer called Forest Studio has announced their intent on releasing a product called SkyShare to help resolve that.

Over on the newly created forums, developer Henry C introduces the product as a way for users to connect with anyone in the world via a TCP server to fly any addon or aircraft. The system works by being able to stream your joystick input/controls over the TCP server to the host and that will then interact with the aircraft and fly it. According to the developer, the technology they have developed has “next to zero latency” and tested with users in Canada and Australia with no issues.

As part of their detailed FAQ section, they say that their server is “blazing fast” and one of a very few number of TCP servers which enables joystick passthrough. As for requirements, you will need a form of screen sharing to see what is on the host’s  PC (who has the flight simulator) and of course a joystick. A primary flight display is in the server window to help also.

Whilst the product would appear to be compatible with all simulators, it seems geared primarily towards Microsoft Flight Simulator right now. Upon release, SkyShare will sell for $12.99 USD. It’s unclear if it will release on August 18th alongside the new Flight Simulator.

You can check out the forums for a full FAQ.

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