New Carenado Project! Piper PA31T


Carenado released the first renders of their newest project, the Piper PA31T Chyenne. Looks like it may be another small turbo prop for small scale cargo runs, or maybe a few charter flights. Either way, we know Carenado’s abilities and I’m sure she’ll turn out great.

Dmitri Scheidel

The author Dmitri Scheidel

I was raised around aviation since day one, living on multiple airports across California I naturally took a liking to the big loud things with the shiney spinners. I have been simming since FS98 and slowly worked my way through the versions, I now happily run P3D V4 on a rather powerful setup ; ). I am also a real life private pilot and certified ground school instrustor *at only 18 years old!* | View My Specs
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