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Flight Simulation over the years has improved massively. We’ve seen huge jumps in technology for aircraft and scenery and of course weather engines. These engines all cost money, and honestly, they are worth every penny. However, we know that not everyone can afford to splash out on every add-on available especially those that update every few years and ask for additional money for their new version. I’m not complaining, but that’s the reality.

Luckily, it’s been brought to our attention from reader Gary that there’s a free weather engine with an impressive feature list. Using a custom weather grid, it has worldwide coverage to ensure that winds are accurately depicted, as well as a “natural fluctuation” of wind speed and direction. Furthermore, you can expect true wind aloft data as well as realtime updates. Just like the payware weather engines, it uses 3D interpolated data to make transitions smooth, which helps to ensure realistic visibility, accurate turbulence on aircraft and ensures cloud depiction is visually pleasing.

You’ll also be able to go back a year ago for historic weather via the lightweight interface. It’s an impressive package for FREE! By the looks of it, the last update was in January, and the developer has assured users on the forum that development is still active.

I’ve added some screenshots below, as well as the full feature list. You can find LOADS more screenshots on their website.

Make sure you head over to FSXWX’s home page here and be sure to donate if you like it.

  • FREE of charge
  • Realistic weather depiction based on METAR reports and GFS data (GRIB format)
  • Custom weather grid with more than 65.000 stations
  • Worldwide coverage including oceans and unpopulated areas
  • Unique direct wind control with realtime updates on the go
  • Natural fluctuation of wind speed and direction
  • Realistic local weather, including ‘educated guess’ for CAVOK/NSC/NCD conditions
  • Entire raw data is three-dimensionally interpolated to eliminate harsh transitions
  • Worldwide true winds aloft and temperatures
  • Historic weather for the last 365 days archived and selectable
  • Sophisticated injection to minimize disturbances within FSX/P3D due to simconnect
  • Cloud depiction enhancements for a better visualization in FSX/P3D, including overcast conditions
  • Realistic visibility on surface and aloft including foggy conditions
  • Carefully implemented turbulences and wind gusts to harmonize with complex addon aircrafts
  • Depiction of vivid weather to make flying in FSX/P3D more immersive than ever
  • Easy-to-use and lightweight client interface
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