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Navigraph has reverted the changes to their subscription models that took place over the last few days. Yesterday we shared how Navigraph was dropping their monthly and annual separate FMS Data and Charts subscriptions in favour of one ‘Ultimate’ subscription, combining both services. Today, the Navigraph team has let us know this change will no longer take place and customers are being reverted to their previous subscription plans. The plans to change all subscriptions into more expensive Ultimate subscriptions received a lot of feedback from the community, and even led people to cancel their Navigraph subscription altogether.

The announcement of the reversion was made by Navigraph over on their forum. The team announced it is making the following changes:

For FMS Data subscribers, all changes will be reverted to the previous offer. At the end of the subscription period, it will renew as an annual subscription, and it will no longer turn into an Ultimate subscription. The Navigraph team is still giving these customers the three months complimentary Ultimate to the beginning of their subscription, so that they can try out the Charts product and see what it’s like.

Charts subscribers will still see their subscriptions changed into Ultimate ones for the remaining time of their subscription period. This is so they can try out the FMS Data product and see what it’s like. An important change however, is that their subscription will not automatically renew unless they actively subscribe to an Ultimate one.

Another important change is that the FMS Data subscription will return to the website available for purchase (annual subscription). The Charts subscription will not see a separate return.

All these changes will take place tomorrow, November 19th.

Furthermore, Magnus states in his forum post that the decision to revert the changes has indeed been due to the feedback, something Navigraph cares about. He also apologises to those that were unhappy with the changes, and hopes to regain their trust back in the future.

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