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The brand new Navigraph Charts platform is now available for all users who have subscribed to the service. Taken from our previous article, written by Daan, the new chart product will include various brand new features including route calculation, procedure visualization, intelligent procedure selector and map overlays. Furthermore, there has been some integration with SimBrief which will import your route.

Route Calculation

Navigraph can now calculate the quickest route between two airports. The route calculator will optimise for the shortest routes and select transitions according to this. Supported are NAT and FRA routings.

Colourful Route String Visualisation

This feature may be familiar if you’ve already used Navigraph. Route visualisation has also made its way into the new update and has received a few updates to be even more useful. Route segments will no longer be displayed in just a sequence of text, but will now instead be a sequence of colourful ‘pills’ on your screen. This allows for quick editing of the route by selecting the pills. Waypoints can also be directly added to the route simply by selecting them. Route visualisation will be supported for generated and self-made routes.

Procedure Visualisation

Route visualisation will now also be able to visualise procedures. You will be able to highlight SID and STAR procedures on the interactive map in order for you to chose the best one for your arrival or departure. Furthermore, these procedure visualisations can be selected per runway, allowing you to only see suitable procedures for your selected runway.

Intelligent Procedure Selector

Procedures will now be shown in an order that is most appropriate to your selected runway and transition.

Map Overlay

Different sorts of maps will now be able to overlay one another. This way, your procedure map can overlay with your route map, allowing you to see how your selected procedure connects to your route. This is fully functional with moving charts, allowing you to transition from procedure charts to route charts, with your route visualisation, seamlessly.

SimBrief Integration

Navigraph Charts now allows for direct integration with the popular route planner SimBrief. Simply log in to SimBrief through the Charts app, and it will easily be able to fetch the latest flight plan.

The service is available to all those that are subscribers to Navigraph Charts, which is €62,90 per year (exclusive of VAT). However, the Navigraph Ultimate subscription, which includes both Charts as well as FMS Data to update the AIRAC data on your addons is available for €8,30 per month, with a cheaper annual option of €74,90. All prices are excluding VAT.

The new Navigraph Charts is available either through their cloud-based website, the downloadable Desktop app (Windows and MacOS) and Android. An iOS version will come at a later date.

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