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Navigraph Releases New AIRAC Dataset for Leonardo’s FlythemaddogX

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In an announcement on their forums, Leonardo Software House has revealed that Navigragh has released a brand new AIRAC dataset for their Fly the Maddog X 64-bit edition aircraft. (Fly the Maddog X (P3Dv4.x and above).

It must be noted that the 1.4b414 version for P3D v4.4/v4.5 is already compatible. Installing the new dataset now gives users the opportunity to fly ARC-DME procedures.

You can manually download the new dataset right away or you can re-scan your addons within the Navigraph Data Manager and it will automatically recognise the 64-bit aircraft.

Users of the 32-bit version will still receive ongoing updates as usual. Users are urged to download the correct dataset as the 64-bit version is not compatible and would crash your simulators.

Leonardo Software also stated that Aerosoft has been approached regarding updates to their NavDataPro AIRAC with the new format but no answer has yet been received.

For those of you that are interested in purchasing the latest AIRAC data then head on over to the Navigraph product page here.

If you don’t already own Fly The Maddog X MD-82, MD-83 and MD-88, you can pick up the base packs from simMarket for €70.00 (Excl.VAT) for the 64bit version and €57.00 (Excl.VAT) for the 32bit version.

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