Navigraph Comments on Plans for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Utility developer and data provider, Navigraph, has shared a 10-minute video on how they plan to have their products work with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Magnus Axholt, CEO of Navigraph took to the camera to explain everything in detail.

Magnus starts by addressing the Navigraph survey from the end of 2019 which saw 56% of respondents say that they will be moving to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. For Navigraph, they are in general excited by the new platform as it will open up the world of flight simulation to even bigger audiences than before.

When it comes to navigation data, Navigraph acknowledges that the data updated within the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator will be updated, but that there will still be reason and space for their datasets in this new world. Firstly, Navigraph data provided by Jeppesen will continue to be supplied and updated for users on Prepar3D, FSX and of course X-Plane. There are currently over 100 addon formats that use the Navigraph data and that will still be required and supported even in the new simulator. This is because data requirements from each developer may be different or not be suitable through Microsoft’s data; either because of API restrictions or the fact it’s an external product (think SimBrief).

Navigraph will continue to offer this data via the FMS Data Manager for these addons and also the new simulator. Of course, alongside the data is access to the charts which will always match the nav data. The chart data is already viewable through certain products directly in the simulator including the PMDG series of aircraft, QualityWings Simulations’ Ultimate 787 and Aerosoft products.

Navigraph Charts will also be made available as a standalone product for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. It will be made available from the Marketplace and include VFR charts, so perfect for those looking to take on some exciting bush trips in the new simulator.

Finally, Magnus confirmed that Simlink will be updated and moving maps works with the new flight simulator.

This is just a summary of everything mentioned in the video, but do check it out to see Magnus explain everything in greater detail. As before, Navigraph Navigation Data and Charts will continue to support Prepar3D, X-Plane and other platforms.

You can read the full blog post on the Navigraph website.

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