Navigraph Chart Beta Testing

A couple of us at FSElite are lucky enough to have had the updated Navigraph Charts for a couple of months. With all Navigraph users being included more recently. But more platforms have now been added, most notably the opportunity to test the iPad version of the software.

In a post on their website, they detailed exactly how you can take part in the various betas that are currently running. We have already covered the earlier releases and can be found in our post here.

The iPad software is open to all Navigraph customers but this will not be an open beta due to Apple restrictions. This means 1,500 places will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

Another new piece of software is the open beta for Naviraph Play. This is a set of videos showing off verious different movements around major airports across the globe. Explaining for example, how to perform ILS approaches.

Any more updates regarding the various Navigraph betas will be reported here at FSElite.

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