Navigraph AIRAC Data Now Available For FlightFactor A320

Flight Factor A320 15

The FlightFactor A320 is arguably the best add-on aircraft that X-Plane has seen in a long time, and after finally emerging from a 3-tier buy-in beta stage at the beginning of 2018, the only thing missing was Navigraph’s AIRAC data support.

Understandably, Navigraph has been copping a fair bit of frustration from their mutual FlightFactor customers who enjoy using the current data and charts on their simming adventures. Countless Facebook and posts on various forums asking when support for the aircraft would be ready had resulted in numerous responses amounting to a “soon”, and in some cases some sarcastic responses such as “the end of 2018”.

Naturally, it’s with great relief that we can report that the Navigraph FMS Data Manager now has support for the FlightFactor A320!

You just need to scan your add-on selection with the FMS Manager and then select the FF A320 and watch the magic happen.

It would seem that now is a better time than ever to be purchasing the FlightFactor A320 if this is the single factor that has been holding you back from purchasing.
Navigraph FMS Data subscribers can download the data through the Data Manager now.

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