Navigraph Adds New Familiarization and Qualification Charts to Over 270 Airports

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Navigraph has added a brand new feature to their Ultimate subscription service for all current and new customers. As of the recent AIRAC cycle (2101), customers can now access Jeppesen’s Airport Familiarization and Qualification Charts directly through Navagraha Charts.

As of today, over 270 airports have these charts available to virtual pilots for use in any flight simulator. The new feature gives pilots vital information for their approaches including any unique features and other key information to help become accustomed to the airport even if you’ve never flown there in the past.

To access the new charts, you first must have an Ultimate subscription with Navigraph. You can then head to your charts application (mobile, app or desktop viewer) and then click under the REF tab to view the information.

Airports that have the new Familiarization and Qualification Charts include the likes of JFK, Berlin, Tromso, Aspen, Atlanta, Milan and many more. You can read the full list of the current airports that take advantage of the new feature on the official Navigraph document.

If you are a Navdata only subscriber, you can upgrade via the Navigraph website. Otherwise, newcomers or those without a subscription can become a Navigraph Ultimate member for €8.30 per month or €74.90 per year.

The news comes just after the release of the FlightSim Community 2020 survey results. You can view the full details of that survey here.

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