MWP Projects Release ATMOENGINE for Prepar3D V4

Mwp Projects Atmoengine (4)

Released for X-Plane earlier in January, MWP Projects has brought their ATMOENGINE to Prepar3D V4. The product itself is a texture replacement system, which will add photoreal colours to the sky, giving a more realistic simulator. Whether this is through realistic haze density, more appropriate cloud sizes, additional night lighting and more. ATMOENGINE also changes the water for more realism as well as the shadows within the simulator.

MWP Projects also claim that their product enhances the sim, but at no cost to your frames per second – or as they’ve put it, an “FPS boost”.

The product can be bought from simMarket for €18.90. You can find the X-Plane version here, which costs less at just €13.95.


  • Sky without sharp transition between color tones
  • Photoreal colors adapted to the simulator environment.
  • Photoreal skycolors during a thunderstorm, etc

Realistic Atmosphere

  • Realistic haze density
  • Realistic haze density in the mountains
  • Photoreal haze color
  • Smooth horizon line
  • Normal horizon position
  • Realistic moon glow effect
  • Normal rayleigh effect

Custom clouds

  • Custom Hi-Res clouds
  • Real clouds color
  • Realistic cloud forms
  • Photoreal cloud specular
  • Real cloud size
  • Normal color tones

Night Lights

  • Normal lights bloom
  • Normal lights scale
  • Normal lights color


  • Realistic color of aircraft shadows
  • Realistic color of cloud shadows
  • Real cloud shadows size
  • Hi-Res cloud shadows
  • No flickering shadows from the clouds


  • Dynamic water waves
  • Normal waves speed
  • Realistic wave amplitude and scale
  • Realistic sun reflections on water
  • Realistic moon reflections on water
  • Photoreal water color
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