PMDG DC-6 for MSFS Release Date Announced

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Over on the PMDG forums, Robert Randazzo made an announcement regarding the companies anticipated Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster. Randazzo announced that the plane has completed development and will release for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Friday, June 18th. Randazzo and PMDG are very excited about their first release for the new platform. A platform that, according to Randazzo’s announcement, does a magnificent job of capturing the beauty of the DC-6. With the release, the plane will become the most detailed one in the PMDG line-up.

Upon release, the plane will include features such as the Automated Flight Engineer, making the plane accessible for those less experienced with the DC-6. This feature, just like in previous versions, is optional, and you can also opt to fly the plane and handle the more complex tasks yourself.

The pricing, as well as the exact time this Friday when the plane will release, are still pending. These will be announced shortly before the release.

Anticipating the release, Twitch streamers The Flying Fabio as well as Chewy will be previewing and live streaming the plane.

Edit (CM): Added release date video.

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