Orbx Announce Monterey for Aerofly FS2


Today Orbx are pleased to say that they’ve announced their next airport for the IPACS Aerofly FS2 platform. It’s Monterey Regional airport that has been out for the FSX and P3D for long. For more information check out this source page. Also Orbx’s Facebook page is available here.

While everyone has been busy with Meigs Field and Innsbruck which are two other famous airports Orbx has been busy.

Monterey is in the US, south of San Francisco along the Central Pacific Coast. Not just any airport though, it’s very famous for its events and locations such as Jazz Festival, PGA Pro-Am Golf and several championships at Laguna Seca Raceway.

For those that are not used to Aerofly FS2 platform can expect high-fidelity scenery together with extremely dense building and vegetation cultivation. Performance is very smooth in this sim as it’s optimized. As well as incredible crisp terrain textures all the way to the horizon. But it doesn’t stop just there, because ultra-high-res 5m digital elevation mesh (DEM) which ensures even higher level of immersion to give the maximum flying experience.

Features that this scenery brings into your simulator

  •  Highly-detailed rendition of KMRY airport
  • Incredible ground textures at 30/60 cm.
  • Ultra HD mesh at 5 m resolution
  • Amazing sloped runway – 30 m difference
  •  Ultra-crisp terrain textures. Defined mountains, roads and rivers all the way to the horizon, no more blurries.
  • Entire city of Monterey and surrounds
  • Incredible performance on even mid-range systems – far superior to FSX/P3D
  • Amazing Virtual Reality integration: optimised for performance and smoothness, best-in-class.
  • Extreme high-density vegetation and building cultivation
  • Animated PeopleFlow2 technology
  • Volumetric grass
  • 3D night lighting for the entire city
  • Unique static aircraft and vehicles created specifically for Monterey
  • Over 20 custom POI around the city
  • Well-known icons such as Cannery Row,  Fisherman’s Wharf, Laguna Seca and more!


A few preview screenshots for you to enjoy, important to note is that these screenshots are showing a work in progress version. They say that no tweaks or anything is used here, it’s how the sim looks out of the box with their scenery installed.


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