MK-Studios Shares Status Update

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Anyone have Vatsim’s CTP on their mind? MK-Studios certainly does! Earlier today they published a status update for their current products on Facebook.

Starting with Dublin, all buildings and ground textures are made with full PBR material. Included below are some pictures of Dublin as it goes into Internal beta testing. They also hinted that the use of full PBR materials makes converting the scenery for any modern engine easier. You can check out more previews of Dublin on our previous post.

Heading down to Tenerife North, the airport is completed and will be exported as soon as work on Dublin wraps up. Along with all the ground and building textures, the surrounding area will be completed with PBR material. They hoped to release the airport this summer but due to the release of Tenerife South, some part of the scenery had to be redone to make it compatible. No exact release date was given but Tenerife North can be expected to release soon after Dublin.

Palma De Mallorca is also in the works. Work was started in 2017 and we can expect at least Dublin quality. The whole island will be modeled with a custom 3D coastline and full PBR implementation. It is expected to release sometime between winter 2019 and spring 2020. More information on Palma De Mallorca will be published in the coming weeks.

As far as Rome V2, nothing is ready to be shown yet, however,  MK-Studios assured us this scenery will be worth the wait. The only picture posted of Rome V2 was a nighttime shot of the hold bars for runway 25. Rome V2 an be expected to drop in the summer of 2020.


Moving over to X-Plane 11, both Lisbon and Lanzarote have received updates mostly focused on increasing performance at night.

Last and certainly not least, MK-Studios gave us some information on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. They are very excited to see the capabilities of the new sim and look forward to possibly moving their products onto the platform, however, it is still too early to make any formal announcements at this time.

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