MK-Studios Shares Lisbon Update Details

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Over on Facebook, MK-Studios has shared some details regarding their upcoming update for Lisbon airport (LPPT). We’ve known the team has been working on an update and Prepar3D v5 compatibility for some time, but the team also announced to be working on some changes (also applicable to the P3Dv4 version). Now, MK-Studios has finally shared the details on these changes.

To begin with, and as mentioned, the update will include Prepar3D v5 compatibility. The update will also add improved scenery blending, change some of the wet effects and, most notably, have an updated AFCAD to close runway 35/17. There are a few more changes in the update which you can read in the changelog down below.

Other sceneries

MK-Studios didn’t only share some details on Lisbon, but continued with a few small status updates on other airports they are working on. Many of these were already outlined in the roadmap article a while back. The team will be bringing a big update to Tenerife Vol. 1 with a new, high quality mesh and updated satellite images amongst other things. Tenerife Vol. 2 will follow with a similar update.

Many are also eager to find out more about the MK-Studios Rome update, and Helsinki release. The team will be sharing new information on both of these airports in June.

And last but not least, an update for Keflavik airport is under way, which will add animated traffic to the airport. If you’re interested in Keflavik, we have recently reviewed it.

Changelog (Lisbon)

  • P3D V5 compatibility,
  • Improved satellite blending,
  • Improved satellite watermask,
  • Wet FX changed,
  • AFCAD runway 35/17 closed,
  • SODE error in V5 fixed (require V4 reinstallation),
  • Runway lights brightness increased.


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