MJC8 Q400 Cockpit Sound Immersion Updated

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Immersive Audio has updated their Q400 Cockpit Sound Immersion for the Majestic Q400 to V1.2. The new version mainly consists of adjustments to the volume of certain sounds such as the runway light bump or the landing gear sounds, but also includes a rework of the internal prop sounds and external idle sounds. The update has been pushed to Just Flight and Aerosoft and should be available shortly to all customers.

The author has shared a video preview of the new sounds that you will find below.

The Immersive Audio MJC8 Q400 Cockpit Sound Immersion can be purchased on the JustFlight Store for €11.90.


  • fully reworked internal 1020rpm and external idle prop sounds
  • adjusted volume of gear extension/retraction sounds
  • slightly adjusted the volume of runway light bump sound
  • slightly adjusted the volume of wind sound above 200kts
  • enhanced takeoff/landing roll sound
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