MilViz Update: P3Dv4.2 and King Air 350i

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MilViz (Military Visualizations) put up multiple updates on Facebook. In the updates they gave us more information about the newest version of P3D v 4.2 and the King Air. The King Air received major updates in the past few weeks. We’ll summarize them here for you:

P3D v 4.2

MilViz confirmed that all of their aircraft function properly within the newly released P3D v 4.2. This is good news for the simmers using MilViz aircraft, as it is now safe to update your simulator to the newest version. Beware however, that the non-ADV F-4 models will need an update to version 180221 via the MVAMS utility.

King Air 350i

The KA350i seems to come along nicely. MilViz released new screenshots and information about the aircraft. The plane in still in development, so all screenshots are work in progress. They added more functionality to the FMS and showed the DISPLAY MENU pages. They also implemented independent PFD’s. The chronometers, display modes, and other various settings can be set on both sides and are updated and displayed accordingly.


TrueGlass and RealLight

Recently they also showcased their King Air with TFDi’s TrueGlass, you can check those shots out here. Here are also some shots of the full, independent lighting provided by RealLight, but remember that this is still work in progress.

Future updates

These updates confirm that the work is coming along nicely for the MilViz team and we look forward to their upcoming releases. We look forward to more news from the team about their upcoming releases, including the KA350i (and ATR 72, please 😉 ). You can check out their website here.

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