MilViz Releases FG-1D Corsair for MSFS

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Aircraft developer MilViz has released its first aircraft on Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The FG-1D Corsair is described as “one of the most visually distinctive fighters developed during the Second World War.” MilViz has developed the aircraft exclusively for the new simulator and takes advantage of the visual technology found in the sim to make the fighter-bomber as realistic as possible.

Included with the aircraft is a range of features perfect for aerial tours around your favourite city destinations.

MilViz has created an authentic rendition of the war-bird with intricate amounts of detail throughout. From the 3D modelling to the texturing, each visual element of the plane has been recreated for maximum realism.

In terms of depth, MilViz says that they have modelled various systems realistically. For example, there is a detailed fuel system, detailed electrical system and even an undercarriage dive braking system. Simmers will be able to simulate start-up and shut-down procedures accurately.

Other notable features with the aircraft are the 21 liveries included, the interactive checklist (native to Microsoft Flight Simulator) and also the extensive manual teaching you everything you’ll need to know about the Corsair.

You can buy the FG-1D Corsair on MilViz’s website for $39.99 USD right now.


  • Custom soundset provided by SimAcoustics
  • Painstakingly modelled internal and external models
  • In-depth systems simulation from the real flight manual
  • Realistic and accurate flight dynamics
  • 21 HD liveries provided by 3DReach
  • War Emergency Power (water injection)
  • Dive Brake
  • Atmospheric night lighting and external light effects
  • Highly-detailed product manual included
  • MSFS 2020 Interactive check-lists for all normal procedures
  • Configurable optional external fuel tanks
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