Military Visualizations Confirms Chargeable Prepar3D v5 Upgrade Plans

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Despite Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v5 releasing a few months back, some developers have yet to indeed confirm its upgrade plans for its products. One developer that applies to is Military Visualizations, who has today confirmed their plans. 

Posting earlier today on Facebook, the team confirmed that once Hotfix 2 is available for Prepar3D v5, then they can begin porting aircraft and products to the simulator. However, with that news also came confirmation that Milviz will charge for updates to products. The only exception to this will be the recently released King Air. The reason for the charge is “based on the work involved,” according to the Facebook post. 

We’ll update our Prepar3D v5 compatibility list tomorrow in light of this new information as part of our update schedule.

No further information or timelines were expressed by Milviz at this time.

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