Microsoft Promises Third-Party Content Support In Flight Simulator 2020

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Microsoft has promised that their upcoming Flight Simulator 2020 will have third-party content development support.

In a post on their forum, the developer dropped some more information about the highly-anticipated project, including an answer to a question that many users are asking: will there be support for third-party content?

The answer is yes. The developer stated simply that they “are supporting 3rd Party Content Development and Community Content creation”. The statement went on to read that the developer is aware of current eco-system issues and that they are working hard to address them.

After viewing the beautiful trailer released during the Microsoft presentation at E3, many users speculated that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 would be more of an arcade-style flight simulator, lacking simulation depth (especially considering the simulator is being designed to run on Microsoft’s console system, the Xbox). Today’s post by Microsoft has spoken to both of those concerns – the simulator is being designed as a simulator. With an emphasis on ‘SIMULATOR’.

The post states the program is being designed firstly for PC, with optimization for multi-platform support. As well, the developer promises accessibility for all user ability levels, including those who wish to use yokes and pedals, all the way to those who want to fly with keyboards or a controller.

Microsoft has promised that they will work closely with the community on this product, acknowledging both their own missteps in the past and the passionate support of the community for sticking with the product for close to 35 years. Microsoft promises to communicate its plans over the next few months, promising both transparency and clear communication.

With a development roadmap promised in early-August, Microsoft encourages users to participate in their Preview Build/Insider programs.

The skies seem bright in the world of next-generation flight simulation.

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