Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Run at 30FPS On Xbox, Cross Play Confirmed and More

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Over the weekend, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Series X|S versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator will release on July 27th and with it, they released a gorgeous new trailer that again showcased what the sim would look like on the consoles. Following on from that both the official Twitter accounts and a new FAQ section have appeared online answering some really important questions. Questions like “what will the performance be like?” and “will my saved data transfer across?” Both of those, and more, have now been answered.

Starting with performance, it has been confirmed that Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S will have a base framerate of 30FPS. The resolution or visual quality wasn’t mentioned, but if the trailer was anything to go by then it should be a very good looking experience. That said, if your TV supports variable refresh rates, then your framerate can go above 30FPS. We all know that different areas yield different results for performance (comparing a major city to a small town can bring a huge difference), so it will be interesting to see how the consoles work with more complex environments.

In addition to the framerates we can expect on consoles, the official Microsoft Flight Simulator FAQ was updated with some new, and crucial, information. Perhaps most significantly, it is confirmed that if you already own the simulator via the Microsoft Store, you will be able to use Microsoft Flight Simulator on your Xbox from day one.  As already confirmed by Jorg, the experience on Xbox will be the same as the PC version, meaning the whole world will be available to explore exactly the same as the PC counterpart. In fact, the world is shared between platforms meaning that see users from all version online. For those that want to use the Xbox version after using the PC version, cross-save functionality will mean you can keep all of your data synced between versions.

Another important question about how downloadable content and third-party add-ons will work with the new Xbox version of the simulator. In the FAQ, it is confirmed that any DLC produced by Microsoft/Asobo Studio will be compatible with either platform and usable on either platform. However, third-party developers (e.g. Orbx, Flightbeam) will be able to choose whether they make their content available to both PC and Xbox owners or if there will be limitations/upgrade fees. It’s not clear yet if third-party content can only be downloaded to Xbox through the in-sim marketplace or if other options will be available. If you bought DLC through Steam, it won’t work on the Xbox edition of the simulator.

In terms of controller support, it is confirmed that Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X|S will support the following peripherals:

  • Xbox Gamepad
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One
  • Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder,
  • HORI HOTAS Flight Stick for Xbox One

We also know that Honeycomb is working on a set of controls and bridges to support Xbox Series X|S and the newly announced Turtle Beach VelocityOne Universal Flight Controls will also be compatible upon release.

The full FAQ can be found on the official support pages and will likely be updated over time to reflect new information. In the meantime, you can watch the new trailer which showcases the simulator running in 4K on the Xbox. After that, read about the new Top Gun related expansion pack which will release later this year.

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