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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – February 27th, 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 2 27 2020 (5)

Over on the usual blog website, Microsoft has released another update for the upcoming Flight Simulator. This update includes a reminder for the Discovery Series, a partnership series update, a feedback snapshot, and a plethora of new screenshots.

Starting with the Discovery Series, it simply stated a reminder for what is to come. Episode 7 and 8 have been switched around so that episode 8, multiplayer, will come first on March 12th. Episode 7, IFR, will be coming at the end of March. Last week, Episode 6 was released showing off airports, be sure to check the last update we posted to watch that video.

The partnership series was unfortunately delayed again. This was due to “a series of unforeseen delays impacting travel.” No official word was given for when this will be coming next.

The feedback snapshot for March and April was released as well.

Lastly, a lot of new screenshots were given, mainly focusing on the scenery and landscapes that will be in the simulator. Some city, some rural areas, and mountains were shown off.  Also previewed was some of the weather, which is showing off a lot of rain on the windscreen in one preview, and what looks to be a microburst in the other.

As always, be sure to check back here and Microsoft’s official blog and feeds for more information on the upcoming sim. Next update is scheduled for March 5th.

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