Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – February 20th, 2020

Microsoft has released a new update on their blog website, with new updates on the Feature Discovery Series, Development Roadmap, and more.

Feature Discovery Series

Starting with the biggest news, Episode 6 has been released. Episode 6 covers Airports. Some of the highlights from the video are that there are over 37,000 airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator that have been manually edited. 80 of the most popular airports were given special attention to bring more realism. Iconic airports have also been selected and have been dressed to a very high standard in the sim. Additionally, ground services got some attention such as catering, luggage, and more. Air traffic was also talked about as well and these aircraft will also be able to do ground services.

For more specifics and details, check out the full video. Its well worth the watch.

Episode 7 and 8 have also had a few changes. They will still be IFR and Multiplayer, but have been switched around. Episode 8 will be coming first featuring multiplayer, releasing March 12th. Episode 7 will follow at the end March covering IFR.

Partnership Series

The latest partnership series update was pushed back a week for the release of the Discovery Series video.

Development Roadmap

This is the latest road map for March and April.



Lastly, Microsoft shared 9 new previews of the upcoming sim, featuring a look at a lot more landscapes, some close ups of airports, and a look into multiplayer. 14 TBM900 aircraft can been seen in one screenshot in a massive formation. Airports like Saba are previewed, as well as a grass field.

As always, be sure to check back for more updates from Microsoft, the next one is expected on February 27th.

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