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Microsoft has shared its latest in a long line of development blog posts with today’s focusing on one of their close partners: The partnership series video focuses on how Blackshark transform the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator from having 2D ground imagery to a full 3D world and environment with authentic-looking building, vegetation and structures.

Whilst photogrammetry data is the perfect data source for cities such as Seattle and New York, there is still 99.8% of the world that is not supported by the time and so Microsoft tasked to create realism within the sim using the power of Bing Maps, Azure technology and a load of other impressive. The team at is made up of more than 50 AI Specialists, Data Scientists and Real-Time Developers and have all contributed to the creation of the tools and technology used in the simulator. The technology scans the world in less than 72 hours and takes data from Bing maps to recognise where building, vegetation and other structures should be. The AI then generates buildings based on height data and populates it with accurate texturing and other details based on context and location. A few example videos and imagery is below.

SDK Update

We’ve seen plenty of third-party developers now openly share some of their plans and previews for products they’re working on. However, Microsoft gave a significant update today that they are continuing to flesh out and develop the SDK based on feedback and developer requests. They said that some examples are already included in the SDK but that the documentation wasn’t all that clear, which they are working on. Other bugs are being squashed and will continue to full support the platform and the SDK for the hundreds that already have signed up.

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