Microsoft Flight Simulator New Screenshots and Brief Update [Feb 7 2020 Update]

Hangar (1)

Whilst many were hoping for an update yesterday from the Microsoft team, they had to delay it due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the team did provide a semi-brief update today, along with a range of new screenshots directly from the recent Alpha build. 

The update was brief but focused on what the team is currently working on. As mentioned, the second Alpha build is now in the hands of most people who were accepted and feedback is now coming in. The team started a targeted testing suite in the Alpha forums, for users to test specific aspects and provide reports. The team has said that they have used each piece of feedback to help improve the experience going forward.

Moving on, Microsoft also said that Episode 6 of their Feature Discovery Series is having the finishing touches put together. The next episode will focus on airports for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Next week, we should see the expected release date for the video. You can catch up with their previous video which focused on sounds.

Also next week, both the Development Roadmap and feedback snapshot will be shared. This is to ensure that the most up to date information is shared.

Finally, the team presented a range of new screenshots from their respected testers.

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