Microsoft Flight Simulator Feature Discovery Series Episode 3: Aerodynamics

As part of Microsoft’s continued deployment of information via their social channels and blog, the team has released the third episode in their Feature Discovery series. This time, CEO of Asobo Studios, Sebastian Wloch, talks in-depth about the aerodynamics of the new simulator.

The 12-minute video, which features fresh, never before seen footage, goes into a lot of details about how the team made decisions on what to update from the flight model, how some previous legacy code remains and also how the environment impacts the air around the aircraft. There are plenty of visual demonstrations in the video including icing effects, how landing gear impacts the airflow and also even how buildings alter the aircraft’s trajectory.

This is Courchevel. The default airport used during the X019 landing challenge.

Further to the video posted above, Insiders on the FlightSimulator blog also got to see what December and January 2020 will bring in terms of updates via the Development Roadmap. In December, we will see additional media shared, along with a timeline for tech alpha 2 applications. Beyond that, we’re going to start seeing the Partnership Announcement Series, which will hopefully start to see talk of third-party developers. Following on from that, we’re going to see plenty of other updates, that should really kick off the new year with lots of exciting new information.

Come back next Thursday for the 4th episode from the Feature Discovery Series which focuses on the Cockpits.

Check out our 4K 60FPS footage direct from X019 last week, or read our hands-on impressions from our trip to Seattle earlier this year.


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