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The team working on the highly anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 wanted to share a quick development update with us, right before the summer is about to kick off.

The team is hard at work putting some finishing touches on some big updates, which they plan to share with the community towards the end of the summer. The team is excited to start sharing this information, but for now, we’ll need to wait just a little bit longer.

They are also monitoring the constant, ongoing discussions covering different topics in the community. These topics cover, for example, the flight model, IFR-VFR flight, weather simulation, VR support and more. The team will share more information regarding many of these topics in the updates that are coming in the near future.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that the Insider Program for Microsoft Flight Simulator will start in early August. At this time is also when the development roadmap will be kicked off. More information about the plans for August and September will come on July 25, just two weeks from now.

Last but not least, the team also shared a brand new WIP screenshot of the simulator, which can be found below.


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