Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update: World Update 3 Previews and More

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The latest development blog update from Microsoft has been shared on the official blog site. The content this week is a little lighter than the last few, but some important new information and previews have been shared. This includes the release date for World Update 3 and World Update 4, along with when to expect the next major Sim Updates.

In the February 4th 2021 update, it was confirmed that World Update 3 content is now complete with the final testing now happening to ensure everything is correct. The new anticipated release date for World Update 3 is now February 11th 2021. This means you will soon be able to discover locations such as Bristol, London and Oxford in highly detailed photogrammetry and discover 5 brand new hand-crafted airports. To celebrate the news, some additional previews for the upcoming update was shared highlighting Liverpool Airport (EGGP), Eilean Donan Castle and Borch of Mousa in Scotland.

An updated development roadmap was also shared which now takes us through to April 2021. As we already know, various new Sim Updates are also in the works which will improve elements such as ATC. Sim Update 3 is currently due to release on 4th March 2021, and then on March 30th, we can expect World Update 4: France and Benelux to release. Finally, we now know that Sim Update 4 will release on April 27th 2021 with various partnership series and feature discovery episodes released also during that month.

Looking at the Feedback Snapshots, we now that fixes to the Garmin G1000 and Live Weather will be a focus for Sim Update 3 when it releases on March 4th. Full details on exactly what to expect in the sim update is not yet fully known as the focus right now is on the World Update.

Finally, if you’re looking to learn more about the Cessna 152, a live flying lesson will be held on Twitch for anyone to participate in. More details can be found here.

The next blog update will come on 11th February in time for the release of the World Update for the United Kingdom.

In related news, it is confirmed the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator won’t be “dumbed down” when it releases in the summer. We also know that a scenery gateway and freeware section is planned for the simulator.

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