Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update Jan 14th 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.01.13

A brand new development update blog post was shared by Microsoft on the official Flight Simulator website. Whilst it was hoped that the Aerodynamics Feature Discovery Series video would release today, it was decided that to ensure that the quality matched previous videos, a little bit more time is needed to ensure it reaches the same standard. The current plan is for it to release next week. That said, a few keys bits of information was shared in this week’s blog post.

The next developer live Q&A session will be live on Twitch on January 27th @ 18:30z and the team are now accepting questions in preparation for the discussion. You can add your questions on the official forums and you may be lucky enough to get your query answered by the developers live during the stream. Speaking of Twitch, a new schedule was revealed highlighting what’s coming up over the month of January.


As for current issues/wish lists, nothing has changed in terms of the timeframes, but we anticipate that we’ll be hearing more about future sim updates during the live Q&A session later this month. Again, it’s worth highlighting that the next update will include an upgrade to the UK (including new airports) which is due for release on January 26th. This will be the next major update since VR was released at the end of December 2020. One issue which was of concern, “Spikes on Terrain”, has been fixed and is in testing before it is rolled out.

Away from the development itself, Microsoft has taken the time to focus on members of the development team. The focus this week is on two of the Community Managers: Jayne and Alex. There is an extensive interview with the pair on the blog post revealing a little more about themselves, how they got into flight simulation and what they do in their spare time. It’s an interesting read and a great insight into those who you may interact with through the social accounts for the simulator.

Elsewhere in the post is more information on the number of addons now available through the Marketplace, a brief look at some of the upcoming SDK changes and a collection of screenshots taken by the community.

The team will be back next week with another post, hopefully including the anticipated Aerodynamics Feature Discovery video.

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