Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update 19-Dec-2019

MSFS Screenshots 19 Dec (3)

Microsoft has issued its final blog update for Microsoft Flight Simulator of the year. The new update, whilst brief, did give a nice shout out to those currently in the Test Alpha 1 by sharing some of their incredible looking screenshots. Further to that, a brief update on the developer’s SDK and a feedback snapshot was also shared.

To start, Microsoft shared a handful of new screenshots direct from some of the users in the current Tech Alpha. These screenshots have been approved by Microsoft to be shared and are not a breach of user’s NDAs.

Along with the new screenshots, a brief update on the developer’s SDK was shared. The team stated that a lot of progress has been made on the third-party SDK in the past few weeks, and that a preview version will be shared mid-January. This will, of course, be limited to third-party developers in contact with Microsoft and are interested. This is an opportunity for them to provide feedback and send in any requests. The idea is then for the team to take that feedback on board and then work towards a V1 release of the SDK in March 2020.

Finally, the team has finally shared their first feedback snapshot document. This is an ever-changing document but will be used to highlight comments from the community, developers and tech-alpha testers so that everyone is aware of what the team are really focusing on. The initial document highlights that some of the top questions all pertain to “Aircraft list, Damage Model, Min Spec, Pricing model and release dates.” There is also feedback from the Tech Alpha 1 testers, along with a list of wish lists – some of which we discussed with Microsoft at XO19.

With Christmas and New Year now at the forefront of many people’s minds, the next update will now be on January 9th 2020. What an exciting year that will be!

Cover image credit to U/TomMaverick7650

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