Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Blog Update October 15th 2020

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After releasing Patch #4 earlier this week, Microsoft has taken to their blog platform to inform the community of certain progress being made for the flight simulator. Whilst the update did focus on various quality of life improvements, there is still plenty to come, which is mentioned in this update.

The first area the team wished to address was the “Press Any Key to Continue” fix. They said in their update that due to an oversight, there was a mistake for which update this change was planned for. Whilst the text did state patch #4 would remove this, it was initially intended to go out in patch #5, and will do so as planned. As a reminder, patch #5 is due to release on October 27th 2020, as per the development roadmap posted last week.

Patch #5 will also bring other improvements such as giving the ability to remove cockpit tooltips, fixing the swaying of the A320NEO and also adding in Metric units to the simulator. All of this can be found inside the feedback snapshots Microsoft is presenting on a weekly basis.

Alongside information for the community was a brief update on how the SDK continues to be improved based on feedback. Recent work has focused on both the DevMode and WebAssemly platforms for developers to create their add-ons for the simulator. You can read the full extent of these changes on the blog post. Furthermore, it is confirmed that 60 partners have been approved to publish via the Marketplace and content is accelerating quickly for people to download via the store.

The blog post concluded with a series of new images from the community.

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