Microsoft Flight Simulator Dev Update: Aerodynamics Series, UK Update Delayed and More

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Following from last week’s rather quiet blog update, this week Microsoft has shared a range of details, new information and made good on the promise of delivering the Aerodynamics Feature Discover Series video.

Unfortunately, the awaited free World Update has been delayed by a week. The new update is going to bring improved aerial imagery, new 3D photogrammetry cities and 5 new hand-crafted airports to the entire UK. The delay is currently being caused by some of the new photogrammetry cities which are being developed with new progress and tools needed updating to ensure a seamless integration with the simulator. Whilst the delay is unfortunate, three brand new screenshots were shared which highlight the improvements to the imagery and also the new points of interest to discover from the update. We also now know that a fully 3D London will be included with the update. The delay now puts the targeted release date for the update to be released on February 2nd 2021.

Moving away from the free update, the team has shared the latest Feature Discover Series video. This time, there is a renewed focus on Aerodynamics and the improvements that have been made, along with some of the upcoming changes. Sebastian Wloch, CEO of Asobo Studio, lead the video and began by saying they have been listening to feedback since release and already improved various components of the aerodynamics within the simulator. This includes improvements to how turbulence is handled, ground friction on dry/wet surfaces and also adding stall physics to elevator and rudder surfaces.

Also in the video, Sebastian spoke about how the modern engine is significantly improved and different from the legacy flight dynamics included. The new technology means that Microsoft Flight Simulator simulates over 1300 surfaces across 32 CPU threads and is updated at a rate of fewer than 100 microseconds. This means even small changes from your input or the air around your aircraft has an effect on your plane and the handling. The team are looking to improve it further by adding improved flap deployment and physics, fixing how twin propellers work at low speeds and enabling users to have more flexibility in adjusting controls on a per plane basis from the aircraft selection page. 


Finally, it has now been confirmed that a new focus will be moving on turboprop aerodynamics and also paving the way for allowing supersonic flight within the simulator.

The development blog update also features a brand new interview with Asobo’s Art Outsourcing Manager, Benjamin Rieubland. 

As with other development updates, there is also a series of new community imagery, videos and a brief overview of some of the latest additions to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace.

You can read the full blog post on the official site. Stay tuned to FSElite to be updated with the latest from Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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