Microsoft Flight Simulator December 5th Update Now Live


The December 5th Update from the team over at Microsoft is a brief one. There have been no new additions to the Development Roadmap that was released in the November 21st Update. An update to the tech Alpha 2 Timeline was added along with a teaser of an update on the upcoming Partnership Series.

At the top of the update a quote from a Reddit user, “Hopefully that helps us in getting our voices heard more.” The team at Microsoft responded by saying, “We hear you” it’s promising to see the team on the internet reading forums and taking what the community is saying seriously. An update to the Tech Alpha 2 Timeline was also released. Microsoft is inching closer to completing recruitment for Tech Alpha 2, if you are interest sign up as soon as possible! No cutoff date was given so best to sign up now rather than later, you can sign up for Tech Alpha 2 here.

Microsoft dropped a hint regarding their newest series to the updates, their Partnership Announcement Series. Their Partnership Announcement Series is where we can see the beginning of talks with third-party developers.  Below is the picture they included with their post about this new series, seen is the floor of CubCrafters. CubCrafters was started by Jim Richmond in 1980 and, as the name suggests, CubCrafters rebuilds Super Cubs.


To wrap up the post, Microsoft gave a shutout to a mod for Mod, Shaka04. The team at Microsoft Flight Simulator thanking a mod on Reddit shows how active they are in the community, reading what people are saying and understanding what we as a community want as a whole. It is great to see a developer putting in the effort to not only read but understand what the community is saying.

That is all the news from the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator update. The next update will be released next Thursday, December 12th. If you haven’t seen the latest Flight Simulator Feature Discovery Episode be sure to check it out here! These are exciting times in the flight sim world, stay tuned to FSElite for all the latest flight sim news!

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