Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 August 22nd Update – New Previews

Grand Canyon Feb Build

The most recent blog update for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020 is now live and it came with a few new previews of the simulator from previous builds. The brief update was kept intentionally short as they prepare a much more in-depth post for next week. These previews were left on the Insider Page, but for those looking to get that news first can simply sign-up. No email confirmation or acceptance message will be sent – all you need to do is sign-up and then login.

The new previews above are from various builds in the past few months. They show off

  • [1] Australia
  • [2] Canyon (unspecific region)
  • [3] Grand Canyon

Along with the previews, Microsoft also gave a high-level overview of what we can expect from Third-Party developer announcements over the coming months. The first reveal of plans and partners will happen in October. However, Microsoft did share that they will are currently going through 3 phases, two of which are already in progress.

  • Phase 1 – Outreach and Engagement (in-progress)
  • Phase 2 – Code and Content Integration (in-progress)
  • Phase 3 – Content Release Timeline (kick-off)

In a seemingly philosophical way, Microsoft also confirmed that one of the most requested features for Flight Simulator to have will be coming to Flight Simulator 2020. Sloped and curved runways will be a feature of the new simulator.

The next update will fall on August 29th 2019.

If you’re after more Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 news, then check out our analysis video of the previous update, which includes footage from Flight Simulator 2020.


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