Microsoft Feature Discovery Episode Four: Cockpits

Microsoft has released its latest Feature Discover Series update and this time it focused on the cockpit and the visuals, sounds and camera movements that come with it.

Hosted by Martial Bossard, Lead Software Engineer at Asobo, the video shows off beautiful visuals in some of the cockpits that we can look forward to. Brossard highlights features including highly detailed analog gauges, high fidelity instruments and new data simulation models.

The simulator will also feature a new rendering engine that will display both 2D data or synthetic vision 3D data. This will include simulated interactive touchscreens in all of the glass cockpits. Bossard also confirmed that navigation data will include SIDs and STARs.

The video showed off some of the fantastic lighting that will be featured in the sim, with Bossard noting that the lighting will mimic real-world lighting and react based on the surrounding environment – as it would in an actual airplane.

Another new feature is contextual cursors along with tooltips, as well as checklists that interact with the airplane, even allowing you to skip items on the checklist altogether, setting the plane ready for flight, or allowing pilots to start from a cold and dark state.

The team at Asobo is also taking the use of peripherals seriously. The simulator will have a baked-in calibration tool that will eliminate the need for outside calibration tools. They have even gone as far as to build a home cockpit in their office in order to test the data feeds coming from the simulator to ensure that those with in-home cockpits will get the most out of the simulator.

Pilots can look forward to extremely pleasing visuals, using the latest in screen space reflection and shadows along with 4K PBR materials.

Check out the video for all of the details, and don’t forget to get all the latest news directly from the Insider page.

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