Mettar Simulations Introduce Simstall


Matt Davies has posted over on Mettar Simulation’s website officially introducing Simstall. In the post, he has detailed exactly what Simstall is and what we can expect from it as and when it is released; all of which is sounding very exciting.

Matt starts off in the post speaking about how we as a community have not enjoyed any significant advances in addon distribution/management. He goes on to describe his motivation behind wanting to create a new software that could advance these two areas into 2018; being able to organise and effectively manage what addons are where and having the ability to simply and easily find purchase details. This is certainly an issue I can agree upon as an active flight simmer who owns a range of addons bought from multiple different retailers.

Matt describes Simstall to start off with as an ‘eCommerce platform, on steroids, for simmers.’. The software has been built from the ground up allowing for it to effectively meet all the needs that simmers need and want from an eCommerce platform. Simstall will bring ease and simplicity to buying and installing simulator software – something that we have not seen before in the world of flight simulation with product activation and installation often proving to be a testing process. On top of purchasing and installation, Simstall will also provide ease to updating products as well as being able to manage one’s simulator however they please.

In the post is an extensive feature list which includes the likes of compatibility for all simulators, support for payware and freeware products and much more. You can find the entire feature list below:

  • Supports ALL platforms with the ability to add any new platforms quickly and efficiently
  • Supports payware/freeware/donationware/subscription based software/demo software
  • Incremental stable backups of your simulator(s) with the ability to restore them using just 1 click.
  • 1 click purchasing/adding/installing/uninstalling/seamless updating (updating ONLY the files that need to be updated, saving you time and bandwidth)
  • Sharing of settings/profiles. Ever wanted someones settings? Now you can import them and apply them directly with the click of a button.
  • User library/inventory
  • Quality Control of software/hardware. We wont list anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We’ll also have the ability for verified customers to rate and review software/hardware.
  • It’s secure. I can’t believe I’m having to state this in 2018, but the amount of retailers right now with huge security flaws in the way they do things actually makes me unwell.
  • A loyalty system that actually makes sense, is fair and benefits everybody
  • Gifting/Wallet system
  • Community tools that will keep you connected with fellow simmers, including integration with third party applications (projectFLY, for example)
  • A huge wealth of features for developers. We will disclose more on this nearer completion

In terms of when Simstall will release, we are likely to see it ‘before the end of 2018’. Up until recently, the team at Mettar Simulations have mainly been focused on projectFLY, however, Simstall is now in development full time which is great to hear.

This project sounds extremely exciting and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what will come of it in the future. For more information as and when it becomes available, make sure to check back at FSElite.


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Mungo Spencer

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Looks like it will integrate or connect directly into your sim install (no pun intended judging by those features. I hope they make it very stable and it wont have a bug where it nukes the files of your sim.

Andrew Thompson

This is a really good idea and I’m extremely interested to see more when they more becomes available. I have a…lot… of addons and I know there became a point when I had to sit down and go through my hard drive and do some serious organizing. I have a file folder with all my addons categorized by the developer. And it became so hard to find serials or where I purchased them from so I added notepad files within each subfolder with that information. It was a crazy task to undertake but from the sounds of this program, it will do all that for you.

Tho it has a lot advantages, I was and actually I’m still very skeptical about centralizing everything in one a’la Steam-platform place. I like diversity.

And true, everything comes to organization. For example for me it was never a problem to find a registration/activation key for any addon or even other software not related to sim. Simple excel sheet with ctrl+F function do its thing very good and it works since years for me. Reinstall of entire sim/separate addons isn’t a problem at all if you have proper backup of it made just in case.

Expired links? Never had such of problem in years so it isn’t important argument in my opinion.