Menorca X Evolution release near


Aerosoft has finished the development of Menorca X Evolution. The original scenery, dating back to 2010, has gotten a complete overhaul in the form of an “evolution” upgrade. This completes the evolution package for the Balearic Islands series, consisting of Ibiza X Evolution, Mallorca X Evolution and now Menorca X Evolution. This package is a complete overhaul of the original airport and will come with a lot of new features. Most notable are the animated jetways, updated AFCAD, AES support for FSX, overhauled autogen and 3D runway and PAPI lights. If just an airport was not enough for you, Aerosoft have also textured the entire island in high detail, just like previously.

‘So when can I get my hands on this?’ I hear you say. Fear not. For all those that want to spend Christmas at a sunny beach (or airport), you might be able to! Although no certainties have been given, an Aerosoft developer states that the scenery is finished and the files are ready to be put in an installer. Here’s to hoping! If you really *really* can’t wait, have a look at the awesome screenshots down below or check out the original post on the Aerosoft forums!

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