Mega Airport Tel Aviv Ben Gurion – Delayed Indefinitely?

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img_578facd89e419Editor’s Note: Not confirmed, just awaiting confirmation from Aerosoft.

Mathijs announced Mega Airport Tel Aviv Ben Gurion only last November with a wonderful render of the control tower. Since then, information has been relatively light concerning the project.

The last concrete information we heard was that seeking high resolution satellite imagery wasn’t being sold, and the best they could get, 2 meter, was proving to be quite expensive.

After a few more months of waiting, user amit24075844 asked if there has been any progress. Mathijs answered the question by simply replying “unfortunately not”, followed by locking the topic.

Although not explicitly stated, it would appear that until satellite imagery can be done for a reasonable price, Mega Airport Tel Aviv will be held off indefinitely.

We have contacted Aerosoft for a comment.

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