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Massive A2A Simulations Update – Multiple New Aircraft In Development

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Not long ago, A2A Simulations wrote that this coming weekend, they would provide an update on what they would be working on and more. In a post on the A2A Simulations blog, Scott gave a large update on all the happenings at A2A. New aircraft, sales and more have been taking place, so let’s dive into what they’ve been working on.

Before you scroll down to read about the aircraft, A2A Simulations also started weekend long 25% off storewide sale.

T-6A Texan II

First up is the announcement of the Accu-Sim T-6A Texan II. This is a project that the A2A team have been working on for quite some time, but haven’t been able to release it. Being used officially by the US military, the aircraft has been described as “the most advanced turboprop engine simulation available anywhere”.

The technology that has gone into it has made an entirely new class of Accu-Sim aircraft.

From what we can read on the blog post, it would appear the aircraft will come to the public in the future. We’re going to reach out to A2A to seek clarity.

New Spitfires

A2A stopped short of confirming the new models they would be working on, they did confirm that they are working in cooperation with Boultbee Flight Academy. Some “very high profile” Spitfire projects with major institutions are in the planning phase right now. With access to the aircraft and test pilots, it means Accu-sim physics can continue to be pushed  even further.

No word on whether any of the Spitfire work will end up on consumer simulators.


Scott makes it no secret that he owns the Aerostar 600, so he was delighted to announce that A2A Simulations are going to work on an Aerostar for the simulator.  Attached was a few previews of the work-in-progress project.

T-38a Talon Trainer

The team has delivered a realistic rendition of the T-38a Talon Trainer to the US Air Force. The hope is that A2A will bring the swept wing-jet to the wider community as soon as they are able to. It’s a brand new experience for A2A, but one they believe the community will enjoy. Michal Puto is the artist working on the aircraft and shared a preview of the interior.

New PBR J-3 Cub

The J-3 Cub will be getting a nice little overhaul, complete with PBR textures and a new Heidi passenger as well. The cockpit is almost ready to be shared.

PBR B-17 Flying Fortress

In very early development and has no pictures. More news to follow in the future.

New Strategy Game: FirePOWER

A2A Simulations have confirmed they are in the process of making a new strategy game called FirePOWER. The name derives from their first ever product, but this is something completely new and different. The teaser image below shows battleships, bombers and tanks. It will be “platform independent”, enabling A2A to reach more customers than ever before.

The new team of five will be making the strategy game. The game and technology are part of a more broad picture, which will become clearer once the game has been released.

Details are light otherwise.

New Accu-Sim Technology

The final element of the blog post was the confirmation of brand new Accu-Sim technology, which “our entire flight simulation tech to an all new level”. Whilst it can’t be discussed properly yet, the team are hoping it won’t be long before they can and it’s released in the form of a new product.


It should be noted that whilst many of these projects are being worked on, Scott was clear that plans can sometimes change. A2A Simulations enjoy being flexible, and with the landscape changing all the time, it could mean project plans may change.

There are some other tidbits on the blog page from Scott, including a look at his actual Aerostar 600 engine.

You should also read our Developer Month interview with the whole team at A2A Simulations.

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