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Maps2XPlane Antarctica4XPlane Part 3 Released (Freeware)

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Over on the Aerosoft forum, it has been announced that Maps2XPlane Antartica4XPlane Part 3 has been released to continue their Antarctic adventure.

Antarctica4XPlane Part 3 Coverage Map
Antarctica4XPlane Part 3 is a fully comprehensive freeware mesh rendition of Coats Land and the western parts of Queen Maud land for X-Plane.

It features a realistically shaped terrain model covered with a plausible texture set. The landscape is complemented with dozens of virtual research stations, base camps and airfields as an image of the real counterparts.

As there are no third-party add-ons available for this region, the developer has included the above-mentioned airfields and more in the file on the download page.

Furthermore, Aerosoft has kindly offered to host all the parts of Antarctica4XPlane on their server meaning you can enjoy speedy downloads from Aerosoft’s servers.

You can grab a hold of Maps4XPlane’s Antarctica4XPlane Part 3 over on the Aerosoft forum for free. It is officially compatible with X-Plane 10 and 11. You can grab a hold of part 2 and 3 here.

Included Airfields/Helipads

  • EGAH (Halley Research Station)
  • SAYB (Belgrano II Base)
  • AT16 (Neumayer-Station III)
  • DRE1 (Drescher Ice Camp)
  • ABA1 (Aboa Research Station)
  • WSA1 (Wasa Research Station)
  • SVE1 (Svea Research Station)
  • AT12 (Kohnen Station)
  • AT22 (SANAE IV Research Base)
  • AT27 (Troll Research Station)
  • TOR1 (Tor Research Station)
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