Mango Studios Releases FlightFactor A350 Sound Enhancement Package

The FlightFactor A350 has seen numerous updates in the past, but developers Mango Studios felt as though the sounds were lacking and developed their own solution. This is Mango Studios’ first product for the X-Plane market and will enhance the original engine, cockpit and environmental sound effects found on the FlightFactor A350.

The product, available now, includes a complete rework of the cockpit environment now providing users with new and improved button, rotary, handle and cover sound effects along with improved avionics and aerodynamic effects to help immerse you fully into the sim experience. Furthermore, Mango Studios has added new passenger sound effects as well as hydraulic systems and fuel systems flowing through the cabin.

Perhaps the most impressive effects from the preview trailer is the new dynamic engine start sound effects. These work both inside and outside the aircraft and add another layer of sound immersion with the powerful Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines.

You will need to own the FlightFactor A350 to be able to use the sound package from Mango Studios.

You can buy Mango Studios’ FlightFacto A350 from simMarket for €14.98 or on for $17.50 USD.


Completely Reworked cockpit environment

  • Including all-new button, rotaries, handles, and cover sound effects
  • As well as avionics, and aerodynamical effects

Completely reworked cabin environment

  • Added passenger sound effect
  • Fuel systems, as well as hydraulic systems, can be heard from inside the cabin.

Completely reworked engine sounds

  • New dynamic engine start sounds
  • New Exterior and Interior sound effects
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