Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 & Q300 V2 News


Majestic Software has today released a new glimpse of what is going on at their office since last heads up back in October. More about this news is found here.

Main news is that they provide more information on the upcoming Q400 Training Edition: Multi Monitor Panel.

Training Edition – Multi Monitor Panel might not be the most interesting news for the average simmer. But for people that provide just training or for cockpit builders can use these panels via finger manipulation to control knobs and switches. Glare-shield will be fixed, not visible in the featured image above but it will be split into several sections and each one provide a finger control function.

Q300 News
Majestic has received many questions about how the progress is going on with the Q300 V2, if it’s postponed or what had happened to it? And the answer to that question is thenproject is still very much alive and kicking. Development work continues on it as focus is shifted to pushing it to the final stages of development.

More about this Q300 will be available here at FSElite once we get hold of it from Majestic Software.

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