Majestic Software Announces Upcoming Release of Dash-8 for Prepar3D v4


Majestic Software has just released the latest news regarding their Dash-8 Q400 addon for FSX and Prepar3D.

They have announced that the Q400 is about to enter the beta phase, and their ‘tentative’ (their quotation marks) release date is Monday, October 23rd.

Some updates they mention being included in the work done include replacing the navigational database engine, the 2D panel graphics engine, and the network and interfacing functionality in order to update to the 64-bit era.

However, the big question everybody wants to know the answer to is “Will there be a cost for the transition to Prepar3D v4?”  And the answer is: yes, there will be.  Current owners of the Pilot and Pro versions for FSX / FSX:SE / Prepar3D v1-3 will receive a significant discount on the purchase of the version for v4.  The discounts will be provided by the stores where the original purchase was made, or by Just Flight in the case of boxed editions.

The discounted pricing (available only to existing owners) is as follows:

PILOT version: 14.95 EUR

PRO version: 19.95 EUR

The price to purchase if you do not own it already will remain at the same price as the Dash8 currently sells for.

For more information, you can always visit Majestic’s website or Facebook page.

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Seth Ainsley

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Please, incorporate rain drops and better trueGlass.

What’s wrong with that person?

Clearly MEH whatever it is you do for a living you just give free s%&t away all of the time! You have not a measly 20euro to share with the future of something you appear passionate about.

I would not buy any product if it upset me this much. I would fly something that made me happy

Well, if the extra 20euro’s bothers you, you can always keep it in your pocket.

yeah because YOU use it for type rating. my point remains. you just confirmed it actually. they are forcing useless features onto everyone so they can pretend they are a bombardier motion sim (without the motion or bombardier). but hey enjoy funding things you will never use. and no, fs2crew doesn’t need any of that. majestic programmer needs them, as I said its his personal obsession to code these things. its his personal ocd desire to make these things. he is just charging you for his hobby at this point.

The fact of the matter is, nobody cares what you think! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Yes of course he is passionate. No sane person will code what he did particularly when it serves no real purpose. For the 3rd time, he is forcing YOU to fund HIS passion. ok? It’s not a hard concept to wrap around. You can pretend anything you want but you know you aren’t touching any of all those things you are paying for, without the option to not pay them. So when you talk about who is ripping people off, they all do it. Everybody is using the customer as a piggy bank because the customer likes it. Or at least you would think so given by the very vocal few who will throw money at anything. But reality is its a struggle to actually make money in this hobby so you gotta juice it where you can. IE keep milking the few who will pay anything no matter what.

The whole upgrade fees is getting a bit annoying at this point. can’t wait until upgrade fees for 4.2 come around. Cause it will happen.

Since you bring up fs2crew, where is your rant against them for essentially charging full price for the same product upgraded to P3D4?

Shut up.

Oh boy. Majestics Q400 is one of the best value addons out there. They did not charge for P3D at all until now. And the complete package is extremely good value for money for what depth it offers.

And just because YOU think the feature is unnecessary it does not mean it is for everyone else. I for example want all of this.

The are one of the most passionate developers out there. And the external flight model is just one thing: awesome. No more dealing with the incorrect ESP model.

I will happily pay the 19.99. There are fire more developers who really rip of people. Aerosoft comes to mind on the first place here.

nonsense. the 2D panel graphics engine, and the network and interfacing functionality <– what if we don't care or ever use these? why do we have to pay for features so they can pretend to sell this to bombardier… this is a rip off to customers who bought it before. they are forcing the cost of working on something nobody but the devs themselves cares about. that has always been the issue with majestic going back to his first plane. he cannot not code his insane and stupid outside the sim fail panels and other mumbo jumbo NOBODY ever even opens let alone uses.

“Stop moaning child” springs to mind……

That is why the Pro version is more expensive than the Pilot version. And you would need the interfacing functionality for addons such as Fs2Crew etc. to work.

You know this plane gets used for actual type ratings so yes 2d panels are important for sim cockpits

Oh sweet, love that addon!