Magknight 787 FMS/EFB Development Update

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Developer Magknight has updated the community, over on the X-Plane forum, with progress to the 787’s FMS and EFB.

Magknight has shared some previews of how their new coding incorporates performance and weight/balance calculations through the use of the EFB.

Large changes to the EFB are being made, including new aircraft config system, allowing you to manage all the important aircraft loadout features from the galley to the cargo. As stated above, this update also features takeoff and landing performance calculations. Its simplicity allows the user to select their runway of choice with an intersection departure if desired. Runway conditions, winds, and automatic flap settings for flaps 5, 10, 15, 17, 18, and 20 (for some airports only) are all incorporated into the system for accurate performance calculations from within the simulator.

Magknight hasn’t given a time frame for the update release, but they sure are working hard sorting the complicated yet much-required systems of the aircraft.

You can purchase Magknight’s 787-9 Aviator Edition from the X-Plane Store for $44.95

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