Maddog X Shared Cockpit Release, Teases EFB, P3D V5 Compatibility


Leonardo Softhouse has been busy in the previous weeks, with the official release of the shared cockpit function and version 1.6b557. The shared cockpit function has been released as a public beta about three weeks ago, but still needed some small adjustment. The version is now final and new full installers have been released to Simmarket.

In addition to the shared cockpit function, the following fixes and improvements have been included :

  • new spoilers/autospoilers logic
  • each single Maddog X command has its entry in the event list of the load manager, allowing owners of various devices to specifically program their hardware
  • Axis assignment options through FSUIPC or not, depending on your use of the shared cockpit function.
  • Various bug fixes

As per developers release notes, those who had the 1.6b557 as a beta must sill reinstall the full installers, as some further fixes were incorporated in the final version.

Finally, the developer stated that they were currently testing the Maddog under Prepar3D V5. The missing thing for the moment is TFDi TrueGlass, which has not been ported over to V5 yet.

EFB Teaser

In other news, Stefano Porrà, from the LeonardoSH team, has previewed on Facebook a single screenshot of the Maddog cockpit with an EFB installed. No further detailed on the exact functionalities that are to be expected, but this EFB is only a part of the further improvement package that is currently under construction.

The Leonard Softhouse Fly The Maddog X is available for €80 at Simmarket, and a further €25 for the MD-83/88 expansion. Stay tuned on FSElite for upcoming original content concerning the Leonardo Fly The Maddog X.

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