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Announced exactly a week ago, Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v5 is now available to purchase and download. The all-new version of Prepar3D is the next-generation of simulators from Lockheed Martin with significant improvements in performance by using the new Direct X 12 rendering engine. Alongside the new rendering engine is the new weather and atmospheric engine powered by trueSKY. This new technology will breath new life into your simulation experience and enhance your add-ons for the simulator.

Another popular community requested feature is the inclusion of sloped runways with full AI support. Lockheed Martin has heard the calls from developers and community members alike and have reworked how airports are in the simulator to now include sloped runways. The entire globe has been updated to include the latest geographical data, which includes updated taxiways, runway assignments and more to default airports within the world of Prepar3D. In addition, the default airports now all feature PBR materials for extra realism. In our exclusive interview, we can also reveal that the new default airport will be Randolph Airforce Base in Texas, which was developed by Orbx.

The full changelog was previously shared by us last week, and can be found here.

The pricing and license structure is as follows:

Professional License
US $199.00

Professional Developer License
US $9.95 Per Developer, Per Month

Academic License
US $59.95

Professional Plus License
US $2,500

Pro Plus Developer License
US $19.95 Per Developer, Per Month

There is no upgrade path from previous versions.

You can buy Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v5 right now from their website.

Note: The site is VERY slow and may not load.

Upgrade Hub and Handy Links

We are here to support the community with their upgrade. To help, we have put together our Prepar3D v5 Upgrade Hub, which will be used to provide helpful information, including links to add-on compatibility lists for aircraft, scenery, airports and utilities. Links down below.

Prepar3D v5 Upgrade Hub

Prepar3D Add-On Compatibility List (Overview)

Prepar3D Add-On Compatibility List | Aircraft

Prepar3D Add-On Compatibility List | Scenery (Non-Airports)

Prepar3D Add-On Compatibility List | Airports

Prepar3D Add-On Compatibility List | Utilities

Prepar3D v5 UHD Gallery

Lockheed Martin Interview with FSElite

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