Little Navmap 2.4.4 Update Released


Little Navmap developer Alexander Barthel has released another big update for his Little Navmap utility.

This update brings a lot of new features to Little Navmap. Among them are a permanent aircraft performance collection, the wind aloft forecast, a complete rework of the logbook and the ability for users to create final approach vertical guidance such as ILS glideslopes at any airport. The entire changelog is huge and can be found here. You will find below the most notable changes for version 2.4.4.

Users having previously installed Little Navmap will have to take the followings steps in order to properly update :

  • Reload the scenery library.
  • Reinstall the Little Xpconnect X-Plane plugin to see bug fixes.
  • Little Navmap resets the map theme back to OpenStreetMap to avoid wrong selection of the now unavailable OpenMapSurfer theme.
  • Route description options are reset to defaults.

Little Navmap has lately become a big player in the crowded world of moving maps and flight planning utilities. It is available for X-Plane, Prepar3D. Being a quality freeware, it has met great success among the community. It is a very helpful tool for IFR flying and training. Stay tuned on FSElite for further updates on this promising utility.

Notable Changes

  • Winds aloft forecast for display and fuel planning.
  • Wind gust factor in airport weather symbols.
  • Alternate airports for flight plan and fuel planning.
  • Complete rework of logbook. Separated from userpoints and improved functionality.
  • Permanent aircraft performance collection. Results can be merged any time. Improvements to fuel planning.
  • Accurate fuel and time prediction in aircraft progress tab based on aircraft performance.
  • Internal webserver. Access map and flight plan from everywhere.
  • ILS tooltip and information.
  • User defined final approach for vertical guidance including VASI and ILS slope at any airport.
  • Preferred runway by wind for airports in tooltip and information.
  • Nearest navaids and airports around a selected airport.
  • Display holdings on map like traffic patterns.
  • Two new map navigation modes: Click to center and navigation areas for touchscreens.
  • Map images can now be saved with an arbitrary size.
  • Hide columns in flight plan table.
  • Can highlight full airways from information window Map link like airspaces.
  • Improved airspace database. Added user airspaces. Assign online centers to airspace geometry.
  • Movable and closable tabs. Tab menu button and context menu for tabs.
  • Fixed all known procedure display issues.
  • Display alternate fuel units and true course optionally.
  • User features like range rings, holds and others can be hidden on the map.
  • Error and warning messages in user interface have tooltip for more information now.
  • Many user interface improvements and bug fixes for procedure display, METAR parsing and more.
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