Lionheart Creations Releases Zenith CH-701 For Prepar3D v4

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Aircraft developer Lionheart Creations has released their Zenith CH-701 ultralight aircraft. The aircraft has been in development for over two years and is presently only available for Prepar3D v4, with FSX and Prepar3D v1-v3 versions coming later.

The current version takes advantage of PBR materials and 4K texturing. The 3D modelling, made by “Gibbage” from the old Microsoft Aces team with the help of the manufacturer’s CAD files, is extremely impressive. The aircraft comes with 5 HD textures. Those users with entry-level system also have access to lighter textures. It also features 3D sounds and enhanced flight dynamics, tested by real pilots and owners. The aircraft also comes with a scenery of the Zenith factory, located in Mexico, Missouri.

The CH-701 was introduced in 1986, and is still in production today. While being more than 30 years old the overall design remains largely untouched. Chris Heintz, the engineer behind the CH-701, had previously worked with Pierre Robin, the designer of the DR-400. At the time of its market introduction, it was one of the first all metallic ultralight aircraft, and is known for its impressive handling characteristic. Its large wheels, powerful engine, light weight and generous control surface make it a very good and safe STOL (short take-off and landing) aircraft.

Quite interestingly, the partnership with Zenith has been extended to the point that the price of the purchase of the addon can be deducted from the purchase of the real aircraft “Starter Kit“, which cost $375 USD. This starter kit comprises the complete rudder tail kit, and is marketed as a trial to building your very own Zenith aircraft.

Lionheart Zenith CH-701 is available on Simmarket for $24.95 USD.

Feature List

  • PBR materials that replicated aluminum skins
  • 3D model built on original manufacturer CAD files by “Gibbage” from the Aces Team.
  • Detailed animations such as flexible landing gear
  • Interlinked aileron and flaps system, as per real aircraft.
  • 3D instruments
  • Extreme interior detail
  • 5 high resolution textures
  • STOL handling features as per the real aircraft
  • Complete PDF manual
  • Mexico Memorial Airport and Zenith factory scenery
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